The who: The Deamoniac label was founded in 2009 by the creator of CrimsonBlack

A depraved freelance artist located in the North West of England who lends her hand to anything from traditional art to throwing unruly fans out of football stadiums.

The What: What is Daemoniac? In a nutshell its a small design label that aims to do exclusive personal and limited designs on demand. There is nothing worse than buying that all important bag, pair of shoes or t-shirt that you have fallen in love with because of its design and then seeing every Tom, Dick and Harry with the same thing.

The Where: Daemoniac is for the time being only available online. You will not find Daemoniac products anywhere else.

The Why: That’s easy, because designing something new and unique for people to wear or use is satisfying.

All images, concept art and designs belong to me the artist [Katie Longworth] as part of Daemoniac Designs and cannot be reused anywhere else without my expressed permission.

If you wish to have a commission done or use an image then please send all enquires to;



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