No cookies?

Today there were no cookies in the jar…… that makes Seb angry.

Well when i say cookies i mean jaffa cakes but its rare that my US friends would know what the hell those were. CONFUSION WOULD ENSUE!

So just to bring you up to date i have been busy finishing off a few things and now that they are out the way i can start scribbling again so i can get to some mucho practise as i do tend to fail a lot with being consistent 😀 but i hope you all won’t love me any less for it!!!

In other news i have been playing with the idea of bringing one or two of my writings into a comic form as i feel that my writing sucks so maybe i can get my drawing good enough to actually tell the story for me :3 but it’s still a back burner idea as of yet seeing i am still at lvl suck 😀

Ciao for now!