Zombies can have up to four legs

If you wish to sit for a while you can watch the scan > clean up > colour on Ustream HERE jump to the archived vids.

Meet Princess Petticoat the seventh

Placed first in best of her breed, waggest tail and brightest eyes at Crudds world dog show.

One moment she was basking in her glory, enjoying the gushing affection of her morbidly overweight and single owner Dave Gimpson [who also enjoys collecting his own farts in jars] and then the next she was rudely interrupted by a Pekinese gnawing on her leg.

Nobody knew who infected what at first but once the zombieness got the Pomeranians it was all over in a very hairy death ball with teeth kind of way.

Princess’s last doggy thoughts were about how her owner tasted like pilchards.

Princess Petticoat the seventh was created for ZOMBAPOC which is a part of the MYRIAD Gaming group and is not to be used outside of the Game or anywhere else.