Moshi Birds

So as per request of my cousin who wants two small canvases of Moshi monsters and Angry Birds for her daughter’s son i broke out the Montana gold spray paints, POSCA pens and my aging acrylics.

First i sprayed the two canvases [one of which had some under-painting] then free handed Katsuma [a very pikachu’ish looking Moshi Monster] painted the major parts of him in mixed acrylic paint [as i didn’t have a Montana spray in orange] then basically after he dried i went to town on him with POSCA pens.

The second canvas is mostly stencil work i did using colouring in print-odd from the Moshi Monsters home sites [for a clean black and white image] and added in the bridges i needed to the line art. The stencils were all three tier; block colour, beaks/eyes and then the black outlines being the final stencil. All the touch-ups were done with POSCA pens and as a final touch i added in random clouds.

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