Yet more kitty kats

Aloha! So again more converse commissions featuring kitty kats!



On the instep is gold panther pattern and outside features snap happy camera Kat and opposite shoe has two posing kitties :3 they were very well received by their new owner.

Check back for more!



Moshi Birds

So as per request of my cousin who wants two small canvases of Moshi monsters and Angry Birds for her daughter’s son i broke out the Montana gold spray paints, POSCA pens and my aging acrylics.

First i sprayed the two canvases [one of which had some under-painting] then free handed Katsuma [a very pikachu’ish looking Moshi Monster] painted the major parts of him in mixed acrylic paint [as i didn’t have a Montana spray in orange] then basically after he dried i went to town on him with POSCA pens.

The second canvas is mostly stencil work i did using colouring in print-odd from the Moshi Monsters home sites [for a clean black and white image] and added in the bridges i needed to the line art. The stencils were all three tier; block colour, beaks/eyes and then the black outlines being the final stencil. All the touch-ups were done with POSCA pens and as a final touch i added in random clouds.

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In Tyrant Lizard King we Trust

Yes all hail the lizard king (even though he got demoted)

Reclaimed full leather black wallet (some would say vintage, i would say well loved?) none embossed POSCA pen drawing.

I wish to do a lot more in this vein, you saw the monkey now its a dinosaur and one other purse for my own personal usage 😀 I found another warn leather purse that was just too good to not Deamonise buwhaha.